About Lexi Jacobson


Owner, Holistic Healing & Reiki
Reiki Master/Teacher, Mastery of Awareness Shamanism


My journey with energy work including Reiki and shamanic healing practices began a few years ago when I first started exploring alternative ways to provide healing and balance to my life—and trying to answer the fundamental question of “Who am I” and very strongly “What is Life”? This was probably a result of seeking some form of enlightenment but also because my life has gone through quite a few dramatic shifts.

My early adult life was focused on getting through college and law school and then obtaining the job of my dreams as an attorney. After three short years, I walked away from the practice of law, finding it less than fulfilling. I married and had the family that I had always wanted.

But on some level there was still a void that I needed to find a way to fulfill and I found that in getting and doing energy work.

In my early years I always had a fascination with rocks and crystals, taking every course I could for my sciences in geology. I accumulated different rocks and crystals over time to keep in my home because I loved the energy I could feel in them. Now I get to use them in healing for myself, my family, and with others.

I started with getting different energy work done on myself and noticing the dramatic shifts that this work made possible in my life. I not only felt better physically, but was also able to work through and resolve emotional and spiritual issues in a different and more complete way. The changes it made in my life were so fundamental that now I work hard to bring energy healing to others any way that I can.

My practice on a weekly basis includes yoga and meditation, working every day with Reiki energy and now shamanic healing. I particularly enjoy the ceremonial aspects of shamanic healing as there is something both earthy and otherworldly in it that resonates strongly with me. I continue to learn as much as I can about different healing modalities not only to strengthen my own practice but to bring the healing I find most beneficial to others.