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Access Consciousness© Benefits

Access Consciousness© utilizes gentle pressure at points nearly all at various places on the head to provide incredible stress relief and to facilitate great consciousness. At the same time that it helps one release things that no longer serve you as a person, it also provides a pathway to find out who you truly are as an infinite being as opposed to the finite being locked into thoughts and emotions. In a system of allowance of all things, one can stop away from the polarity that sees a duality that is limiting you from being who you truly are. While you receive deep relaxation, you are able to let go of your mind and realize the infinite being that you are. Sessions last approximately one hour but can go as long as 90 minutes, depending on your needs.


Learn More About Access Consciousness©

Access Consciousness Bars© , is referred to as getting your bars run. It is a gentle pressure applied by the fingers to various parts of the head primarily. Each pressure point relates to a feeling or consciousness center such as joy, sorrow, creativity, body, form and structure – just to name a few. By gently pressing on each of these points for a time it helps do a couple of things. First, it helps release things you are holding onto that do not serve you and that limit your consciousness. Second, it helps open you to the greater possibilities in the universe by expanding your consciousness.

The process takes about an hour to complete, sometimes more. While there are over 40 points that can be applied, the practitioner uses some intuition in knowing when to stay longer at different points or when one may not be or primary importance at that session. This process opens one up to incredible healing powers lying within the consciousness and the process itself is relaxing and often transformative.


What to Expect When Getting Your Bars Run

In most cases, bars are run while you are lying down on your back unless for some reason a different position is warranted. It is not a massage and you leave your clothes on other than your shoes. You should dress casually, for comfort. You should feel comfortable and not be concerned about moving, asking for a blanket if you get cold, etc. Most people drift in and out of deep relaxation and sleep and that is perfectly fine. The process will work even if you are not immediately awake and aware of it.

No music is played while getting bars run as this interferes with the process and the opening of consciousness. You can feel free to talk or ask questions, this is your session! But most people prefer to settle into the relaxation and experience the process without talking although many like to share their experiences and that is perfectly fine and, in fact, wonderful. When the session is over you may feel very relaxed or very energized, depending upon what happened in your consciousness during that session. The most vital part is being comfortable and open to releasing what does not serve you and allowing in new and joyous experiences.