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Shamanic Healing is different from Reiki in that it does not use the same frequency to establish healing, although the benefits can be profound. Shamanic healing modalities involve more ceremony and establishing intention. They can be used to access, balance and open the chakras in different ways, to communicate with your higher self or spirit guides for healing or to receive guidance.

Many people also use their spirit animal in order to move through or receive guidance on issues in their lives, emotional support and healing, or to establish and maintain better communication with God/Source as they may understand God/Source.

In doing this type of healing it is important to remember that it has no religion or requirement of religion. In fact, it is crucial to do healing in such a way that honors your own religious beliefs. The purpose is to release negatives, establish and maintain sacred space, and ask for and receive the healing that you need.

60 minutes Shamanic Healing: $80

90 minutes Shamanic Healing: $120

Energy healing is fundamental to our ability to thrive and achieve our soul purpose in this lifetime. If money is a substantial barrier to receiving energy work, please let me know and I will work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

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